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Customer Service

Support: Easy Forex has 24-hour support between Sunday night and Friday evening. Easy Forex is easily reached by phone, email or live chat. You get a free e-book at sign-up, as well as the opportunity to participate in their online education. All in order for you to trade currency smarter.

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Extra info

Deposit Options: Easy Forex offers a variety of deposit options. If you want to get started quickly, we recommend Visa, American Express or Mastercard. You can also transfer money by bank transfer if you prefer. Currency pairs: A total of 205 currency pairs are included to trade when you open an account with Easy Forex. Below is a selection. For those who want to trade US dollars, there are over 20 currencies to trade USD against, for example: USD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, NZD / USD, USD / DKK, USD / NOK, USD / SEK and USD / TRY. For Euro traders there are 6 currencies to trade against: EUR / AUD, EUR / CAD, EUR / CHF, EUR / CZK, EUR / GBP, EUR / HKD, EUR / ILS, EUR / JPY, EUR / MXN, EUR / EUR, EUR / NZD, EUR / PLN, EUR / SEK, EUR / SGD, EUR / TRY, EUR / USD, EUR / ZAR. Do you want to trade a pound, there are: GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP, GBP / GBP , GBP / SEK, GBP / TRY, GBP / USD, GBP / ZAR. If you want to buy oil, there is a lot to choose from: OIL / AUD, OIL / CAD, OIL / CHF, OIL / CZK, OIL / EUR, OIL / GBP, OIL / HKD, OIL / ILS, OIL / JPY, OIL / MXN, OIL / NOK, OIL / NZD, OIL / PLN, OIL / SEK, OIL / SGD, OIL / TRY, OIL / USD, OIL / XAG, OIL / XAU, OIL / ZAR For the Swedish Krona there are 20 currency pairs: SEK / CZK, SEK / HKD, SEK / JPY, SEK / MXN, SEK / PLN, SEK / SGD, SEK / TRY SEK / XAG, SEK / XAU, SEK / ZAR, NOK / SEK, NZD / SEK, OIL / SEK, ILS / SEK, GBP / SEK, CHF / SEK, EUR / SEK, CAD / SEK, AUD / SEK, USD / SEK,


Easy Forex requires no software downloads. Currencies and other instruments: Easy Forex has the market's absolute widest range of currencies and commodities. No other broker offers you to trade Swedish kronor (SEK) against 20 other currencies. But it does Easy Forex. For full details, see below under 'currency pairs'. Currency Execution: Easy Forex has a platform that execute currencies very quickly. With the freze rate feature you can lock the exchange rate and buy it in one click. Great flexibility is offered where you can change your appearance, graphs and currency pairs. Software and graphics at Easy Forex Most traders are very pleased with Easy Forex's fast multiplattform. It is easy to handle and adjust.